Thermography course

Thermography 1

Basic operation of a thermal camera

35 minutes


  • Interest in thermography
  • English with translation function to: Danish

    Included in membership

    DKK 495 ex VAT


    • Thermal focus

    • Color palettes

    • SPAN and Level

    • Ir-fussion

    Course description Thermography

    Here starts a thermography learning portfolio consisting of 3 courses, followed by application course: Building thermography, electrical thermography etc. In part 1 you learn basic operation of thermal cameras. After the module, it is recommended to conduct some thermographing, before proceeding to part 2. During the course there are small thermography assignments and it is an advantage to have a thermography camera.

    Education Program

    The course is part 1 of 3 courses in the E-learning education. After the basics of thermography follows the application. TSE-Learning has an e-learning course in Electrical inspection and a course in building inspection.

    Physical courses in thermography

    We recommend courses at Rohde Consulting which is the largest independent provider of thermography courses in Denmark. Specifically, a Level 1 thermography course for building applications and a level 1 thermography course for electricity are available here. One-day courses and a level 2 thermography course are also offered.

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