• 3 separate e-learning modules
  • Module duration: 45 minutes
  • Multiple language options
  • Integrated instruction videos
  • Pop-up questions and exercises

Training course over view

E-learning PART 1:

Basic operation of a thermal camera

  • Correct operation of a thermal camera
  • Basic measurement techniques
  • General technical terms
  • Thermography limitations

E-learning PART 2:

Thermal distribution

  • Thermal conductivity through solid material
  • Insulation abilities
  • Convection: the air’s influence on the measuring object
  • The ability to store heat (heat capacity)

E-learning PART 3:

Correct temperature measurement

  • Basic heat radiation theory
  • Reflections: emission and background temperatures
  • Measurement technique limitations
  • Heat radiation examples

Practical on site thermography training

Building application

Building applications has many aspects for thermography. Drag/air leaks, moisture and mold, insulation failures and energy consumption. E-learning course is coming in fall 2020.

Electrical application

Electrical inspection by thermography is highly recommended as a part of maintenance. It is also appropriate as qualification tests. The E-learning program shall be combined with focused training at the specific electrical aplication. TSE-Learning can support this proces including E-learning course.

Water penetration

Water penetration can occur in many applications. Two examples can be by leaks in low slope roofs or in aviation with water penetration in elevators. Thermography is velestabliched procedure for inspection of water penetration. Some applications might requre an ASNT course.

Material inspection (NDT)

In many production processes is thermography a powerfyld tool for proces/material inspection. This E-learning portfolie targets productionteams and it is recommended to combined the E-learning with practical onsite training.

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